How to integrate with Omnisend

With AppHero’s direct integration with Omnisend, you can pass every contact, and the additional data about the customer captured by AppHero's signup forms to your Omnisend account.

To begin the setup process, follow these steps to integrate with Omnisend.    

1- Get Omnisend Private API key

  • In your Omnisend account, click the Account dropdown menu from the navigation bar. Your business name appears here. Select Store Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Click the Integrations & API dropdown menu and click API Keys.
  • Click the Create API Key button to create a new key.
  • Select and copy the key to use it for the next step.

2- Link the accounts 

To link your Omnisend account with your AppHero account:

  • In AppHero, click the Integrations link from the left side menu.
  • Scroll down to select the Omnisend option and click Connect
  • Enter your Omnisend Private API Key. In a few seconds a successful connection icon will appear.
  • Click Add integration button to save the integration.

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