What happens when my countdown timer elapses?

There are 3 options to choose from when your countdown timer elapses. Here's a brief explanation of what each option do:

1. Do Nothing

When your countdown timer elapses, the bar would still be visible, showing that 0 time is remaining. When selecting this option in combination with "Independent Timer for Each Visitor" timer type and the timer elapses, the bar will behave the same. However, it will be hidden when the visitor navigates to another page and continues to be so for the next 24 hours.

2. Hide Bar

The bar will simply be hidden forever when the timer elapses. 
Please note that choosing thing option with "Independent Timer for Each Visitor" timer type, would hide the bar for the visitor's current session only.

3. Repeat Counter

Choosing this option will make the countdown timer repeat from the beginning when it elapses. This repeating behavior will continue indefinitely. 
Please note that this option is only available with "Independent Timer for Each Visitor" timer type.

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